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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sunburnt Cow First Link Party!

Welcome to the first Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop link party! It will run every Wednesday and go until Sunday. Unlike other link parties, you'll be able to link up to things you have for sale on your blog. No links to your actual Etsy, Ebay, or other storefront shops, though.

This will be a great way to see what handmade items people have for sale throughout this great world wide web. These photos that you'll be sharing will have to come from one of your blog posts. It doesn't matter how old or new the post is, though if you're trying to get people to notice the items you have currently for sale, it's best to link up something that's current.

If you haven't participated in link parties before, they're a great way for you to get some traffic to your blog. They're also very easy to participate in.

To participate, link up ONLY the blog post(s) you want to include on this link party. (You may link up to four posts). Do NOT link up to your actual blog, but to the post itself. If you don't know how to do this, simply click on the title of your blog posts, and that will give you the url address to that particular post up in the website address bar. Copy that, and then click on the "Add your link" button on this link party.

Up will pop three boxes, one for adding your url to that particular blog post, (which I just explained how to find it and copy it), what you want the title of the entry to be, and your email address. Click on "next step," which will bring you to another page that pulls up all the photos associated with that blog post. Select the one you want to represent the thumbnail in this link party, and there you have it! Easy peasy!

Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop
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  1. Thanks for hosting such a great party idea! I linked up and I'm now following you! :)

  2. Thanks for a fun link party Tracy! Off to check out all the goodies. Deb

  3. Hi
    Yesterday when I added my link I was able to open up my blog. But I believe you posted on my blog that you had changed it to go directly to the post. I've clinked on it and it does not display my doll. Not sure what went wrong.
    PatC with All is Bright Crafts

  4. HI, Pat -

    I'm so sorry! I have it fixed now so that it does go directly to the post. I should've checked it last night after I made the change. I feel really badly about that, but it's fixed now so that it'll go directly to the post.


  5. Such a great idea! Thanks for the party!

  6. Tracy,

    Thanks for hosting the link party. Now that I got all the bugs worked out on how to post, I'm sure I'll be doing so regularly. Have a wonderful spring day.