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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Sunburnt Cow Link Party #11

Whoo hoo! We had another great turn out last week for the link party! I really, truly, appreciate all of you linking up! It's so fun to see regulars, as well as new faces, talent, and items in your home that you're proud of!

As usual, I'll be featuring all of you over at All Thumbs Crafts. As I mentioned last week, I'm going to have a sponsor for the link party. I'll rotate everyone as a sponsor according to how often they've partied here at the Sunburnt Cow. This week's "sponsor" is Vicki of Custom Teddys. She's been one of my biggest supporters, regularly taking the time to comment on my blogs, giving kudos to other artisans and bloggers, and just being an all around amazing ray of positive light. I think she's also participated in every Sunburnt Cow link party! Thank you, Vicki! You can find her at the above link, as well as at her blog: Custom Teddys.

Here's just a sampling of her work:

I was also fortunate enough to receive one of her bears, which I wrote about over at The Prairie Patch. She also did an interview with me over at Handmade Teddy Bears and Raggedies. I hope you stop by and pay her a visit. :)

Now on to this week's party! There's something new starting this week in that the links will be in reverse order. That means everyone has a chance to be at the number 1 spot since the first entry shown will actually be the latest link up.

Here's the usual wording for the link party. If you've been here before, just get right to the linking up and showing off your amazing creativity!

Please note there is a change in linking up. You will only be able to link up if you have the text or button banner link back to the Sunburnt Cow on the post you're linking up or on your sidebar. If you don't, you won't be able to link up because of the software of the linking program. If you're having trouble linking up, and you have this blog's link or button in your post or on your sidebar, please leave a comment here.

Here's a list of what you can link up:

1. Blog posts revolving around items you have for sale.
2. Blog posts on items you've made and don't have for sale. They can be in any niche; they don't have to be in the prim or vintage category. The more diverse the party, the better.
3. Blog posts on prim, antique, vintage, old fashioned items that you have that were not handmade by you.
4. And hey, why not link up some recipes of yummies you've made. They're handmade, after all!
5. Additionally, you can link up any giveaways or swaps you might be having.

If you haven't participated in link parties before, they're a great way for you to get some traffic to your blog. They're also very easy to participate in. Plus, now that I'm on Twitter, I'll be all a'twittering about the link parties, which will give you more exposure. I may post the features over at my All Thumbs Crafts blog that gets more traffic, thus getting you exposure to a wider audience range.

To participate, link up ONLY the blog post(s) you want to include on this link party. (You may link up to four posts). Do NOT link up to your actual blog, but to the post itself. If you don't know how to do this, simply click on the title of your blog posts, and that will give you the url address to that particular post up in the website address bar. Copy that, and then click on the "Add your link" button on this link party.

Up will pop three boxes, one for adding your url to that particular blog post, (which I just explained how to find it and copy it), what you want the title of the entry to be, and your email address. Click on "next step," which will bring you to another page that pulls up all the photos associated with that blog post. Select the one you want to represent the thumbnail in this link party, and there you have it! Easy peasy!

Remember also to put this button in your sidebar or post that you're linking up. A text link is fine as well.

Sunburnt Cow Handmade Shop
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  1. Hi Tracy,
    I LOVE your great party!!!

  2. Wow, Tracy, I am honored to be "sponsored" on your blog today. I am so surprised and thankful. Tracy, you have helped me so much. I mean I was a dweeb for sure on blogging, but you have taught me a lot and now I'm pretty regular on the blog! Thank you very much! And not being much of a party-goer... I am beginning to love your link parties, of which I am going to attend as we speak.

  3. I love these precious bears! WHAT FUN! ♥

  4. Vicki is one very talented lady. Love, love her bears. Great post and thanks for the party!