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Monday, January 17, 2011

Gourd Valentine Candy Containers for Sale

Who can resist that face! What a darling and whimsical candy container! I'm sure you've seen the usual candy containers and dishes, which are all well and good, but this one is quite unique! And let me count the ways of just how unique this handmade candy container / dish is!

- Did you catch the title of this beautiful art piece - Gourd Valentine Candy Container!? That's right, it's made out of a banana gourd! Who knew gourds could be so sweet? (Additional materials include paper clay, apoxie sculpt and paper mache).

- Candy dishes are certainly functional, but this one is an art piece in and of itself!

- The use of the various shades of maroon, tan, pinks and browns, in addition to being dusted with pink and snowy sparkles, will surely complement any decor. Lightly dusted with pink & snowy sparkles.

- Signed and dated by the artist, Diane MacNaughtan.

Measurements 6 1/4", atop a 3 inch paper mache box.
$24.95 EACH & $3.00 traveling fee

To see more information, browse Diane MacNaughtan's store

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