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Friday, February 11, 2011

Prim Designed Handpainted Toilet Seat

If you're a prim lover, you might as well prim up your toilet seat!
- Wooden toilet seat that has been handpainted with a cute prim design on the lid
- Sprayed with sealant so it's easy to clean. (Okay, I just gotta interject this. The listing also says it's not dishwasher safe. Is this a common practice to stick a toilet seat in a dishwasher? There goes the dishwasher! LOLOL!) (I know, I know. She obviously copied and pasted it for her various listings, and I've done some silly mistakes like this before which cracked me up. If she ever sees this, I hope she gets a good giggle out of it, though I have no idea who she is. Kudos to her creativity of prettying up a toilet seat!)

Price: $23.95, plus shipping

For more info or to purchase, please see its listing on Bonanza.

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