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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spaulding's Woodworking

Every now and again Etsy does get it exactly right when they show me their selection of new items that "match my taste".  Today was one of those days when I signed in and saw this amazing Vermont Sap Bucket Hanging Lamp by Nathan Spaulding of Spaulding's Woodworking in Vermont.

I love it!  Can't you see it hanging over your antique table or over the island in your country kitchen?  Nathan says that he made it from 100 year old sap buckets and a piece of timber that was milled in a water powered sawmill over 150 years ago.  $250.00 + shipping for a handcrafted piece of history, sounds like a deal to me!
Deb ~ Paxton Valley Folk Art


  1. Now who would have ever thought??? Very interesting and innovative!

  2. wow that is unique and pretty cool

    - KAT -