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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Featured Interview of Artisan of Handmade Items: Teresa of Teresa's Prim Treasures

Meet Teresa of Teresa's Primitive Treasures - our featured artisan interview of quality handmade items.
Do you have any favorite medium? Is there anything you eventually want to get in to and master?
I work in so many mediums and love them all! In the winter months I really enjoy working with wool! Love creating penny rugs and other wool appliqu├ęd items like my cell phone protectors. Rug hooking is a very relaxing time for me as well. In the warmer months my husband makes wooden items for me to paint like cupboards, shelves, things with drawers or what ever I ask of him! Just started working with beeswax that I blackened and create ornaments with and I’m really enjoying it. Have recently started making patterns of some of my “treasures” which I hope will prove successful!

What kinds of artistic projects do you like to work on?
Hand sewing is my most favorite relaxing thing to do!

What do you like to do in your spare time when you're not creating art?
I love a good movie and playing with my grandkids!

How long have you been crafting?
I began creating my wares back in 1989!

When did you first start selling your handmade items? What inspired you to do so?
I wanted to be a Stay at Home Mom but somehow make some spending money of my own! I began making Amish dolls and selling them at a local gift shop. Then came the craft shows! Nothing more exciting than to be able to display your creations and have others enjoy them enough to make a purchase! I still do 4 or 5 shows a year and this Fall hope to have my first home show! I think it was 1996 when I opened my small website and then on to Etsy in 2008. I now have several shops across the US that carry my “treasures” too.

What style do you decorate your home in?
Love the primitive look!

Were you artistic as a child?
I don’t really think I was...... I can’t free hand draw at all!!!

Did anyone inspire you as a child or when you were starting to become artistic?
I was in 4- H and Girl Scouts and always loved the sewing projects so I’m sure they inspired me.

Was there a point when you realized "Wow, I'm an artist/artisan!"
I’m not sure I feel that way about myself but there must be something there because I get many compliments on my work at my craft shows!

Confession time: What does your craft room/studio really look like?
A little bit cluttered!!!
Is it organized?
No way!!! Maybe once or twice a year when I take the time to regroup!!! I’m always trying to stay organized but it never happens!!!! Actually, when I clean up I can’t find anything when I need it! [Teresa, I'm the same way!!]

Please list the urls to your blog(s) and shop(s).
Teresa's Primitive Treasures website
Teresa's Prim Treasures Etsy Shop
Teresa's Prim Treasures Blog


  1. Thanks so much for the feature!!! I was working on my blog and came over for your link! To my surprize there were my bunnies! Have a great day!!!

  2. Great interview, love learning more about the artist behind the art! Thanks for sharing Teresa and thanks for another great interview Tracy! Deb

  3. Love reading about what makes other creative types click. Thanks!