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Monday, March 28, 2011

What the Judges Will be Looking for During the Udderly Amazing New Shop Contest

Here are what the judges will be looking for during the Udderly Amazing New Shop Contest - when it gets to the judges' voting round.

Marketability - 1 to 5 points (Are the items useable? I recently saw a waterfall of feathers that cascaded over a floor. While that shows a lot of creativity and artistic talent, that sort of thing just isn't marketable. I mean, how many people do you see buying such a thing? So while such a participant might be incredibly talented, s/he has got to be selling items that the average person would be willing to buy. That's what I mean by "marketability.")

Technical - 1 to 5 points (How clear are the person's pictures? If the pictures are mostly blurry, that doesn't bode well for the success of a shop. Additionally, how is the spelling and grammar on the listings? Like it or not, presentation and the technical aspects of a shop may be what clinches a sale).

Good craftsmanship - 1 to 5 points (How well the items are made).

Inventory - 1 to 5 points (Does the contestant have a good enough inventory built up? This is important in the success of a shop. If it comes down to choosing between two people who are equal in every other way, but Contestant A has 5 items, with a shop only 3 weeks old, whereas Contestant B has 3 items, with a shop 2.5 months old, I'd be much more impressed with Contestant A. If the shop is on something like Etsy or Ebay, we should be able to see if items have been sold due to feedback. A selling blog would probably have "SOLD" on posts where something was for sale and then sold).

Variety - 1 to 5 points (Does the person offer a nice variety of items, or does s/he just do one or two things - over and over again?)

Bonus points:
originality (product is own design) - 1 point
has already sold something and has good feedback - 1 point
already has a blog - 1 point
regularly updates blog - 1 point (shows willingness to try to market self)

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