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Sunday, March 27, 2011

More Info About Our First Udderly Amazing New Shop Contest

If you haven't read about our First Udderly Amazing New Shop Contest, please read the initial invitation .

Beginning April 1st, I will put up a link party wherein participants will link up only one handmade item they have for sale. (So choose wisely as this will represent you in the first round). The link party will be open for one full week. Then I'll set up the voting round, which will go for a week. The top half of the entrants will move on to the second round. There will also be an additional entrant who will move on to the next round. This will be considered a "wild card" participant in which the judges can vote. This is to discourage any sort of vote tampering.

Week 3 will be the second round in which the participants who were voted on to proceed (as well as the "wild card") will link up another product they have for sale during the link party. This round will also last a week.

Week 4 will consist of the judges getting together and voting.

Tomorrow I will talk about the guidelines we will use for the judges' round of voting.

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